Ring Ring Signal ♪

[I was going to do some more posts tonight but I burnt my hand so, haha maybe no posts until the weekend!! I’m sorry guys!! Keep sending in messages though!]

A-are you guys okey?? You’re acting a little strange…

do you always go with SeeU -chan?

Not always! But we hang out a bit~!

I saw someone's reblog of one of you posts, and I was all "HOW COME AM I NOT FOLLOWING THIS BLOG?!?"

[But the better question is why would you want to follow this blog!?!? ahhaa]

who is your favourite person in the whole world? oh its me ok you didn't have to answer that. lol

My favourite person is……. (。_゜)

Wait…. I…. I can’t choose my most favourite person in the world just yet!!!!


Don't worry dear you've got all the time in the world! Don't give up!

Don’t worry!! I’ll do my best!!

d=====( ̄∇ ̄*)bイエーイd(* ̄∇ ̄)=====b 

People are already comparing you ;__; I think you sound very original and I love your voice c:

Thanks so much Mr. Asksanamatoigalitwick…… Oh, sorry if I pronounced that wrong, you name is quite lengthy hard to read, ごめんね!!

There are…. way too many… (;´ρ`)

It’s a lot of fun to do my hair like this~!
Well, I didn’t style it, Mr. Kamui did! Thank you, and thank you again! 

[sue me I’m too lazy to draw more feet]

Your art is soooo fabulous! I love it! It's the cutest style I've seen in any ask blog. I can't believe I haven't found you sooner!

[Aaaaaaah!! Thanks so much! It’s not too special or nice or anything, lately I haven’t been updating on a regular basis ahha…]

Hey guys why don’t you ask me more things, okey~?

Hey guys why don’t you ask me more things, okey~?

[I know most people who follow this blog also follow me so I see no reason to post it here, but I am anyway!! Maybe I’ll draw an answer for something as well!]